Breaking The Silence Episode 1 – What Do We Need To Be Saved From?

This is the premier of my solo show Breaking The Silence. My plan with this show is for it to be a more spontaneous one if you will, a way to break my own silence when something is on my heart and mind that I feel needs to be said. Whereas with the FTL show we have made a commitment to try to do weekly, this will be neither committed nor constricted by a timeline.

So the topic is a question many would ask, when confronted with the idea of needing to be saved as some call it. It is really me expressing my own intellectual journey to the place I am at today. I am purposefully being vague here, as the question itself is one of life’s mysteries, so I think one should go in listening with just the same sense.

Thank you for choosing to listen to my somewhat lengthy thoughts and meanderings!

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