Omega Frequency – Episode 72 – Why I Left The New Apostolic Reformation Part 2 With Mike Hopkins

Here it is, part 2 of my conversation with BDK on Omega Frequency. It was a real honor to be on his show, to share the truth of my story and hopefully to help those who listen! As I always say, don’t hesitate to contact me, my address is:

Once again I’m joined by fellow podcaster Mike Hopkins (Fight The Lies Radio Network). Hear part two of his testimony of how he and his wife where deeply involved in a church that practiced dominion theology and many other NAR teachings. While they where there they witnessed some very strange things and where subjected to spiritual and emotional abuse. In part two, Mike will take us through the aftermath of the minster falsely prophesying a revival would happen in Virginia. You’ll hear How he was sent to receive an impartation from the NAR evangelist Todd Bentley to jumpstart a revival in the church. This impartation had a very real powerful negative spiritual effect on him. How did Mike break free from the NAR? Join me and find out!

Show notes:

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