Breaking The Silence Episode 008 Biblical Acts With BDK Of Omega Frequency

Recently I was a guest on the podcast Omega Frequency with BDK, and I gave my testimony and account of my experience in a “congregation” that was Messianic and embraced New Apostolic Reformation teachings. And it occurred to me that I do indeed talk much about this topic, and it’s no secret that I am very critical of Charismatics in general. And while I certainly think it’s justified as well as something that needs to be talked about, I felt I needed to bring some balance and also make clear that I don’t reject everyone who would claim to gifted by God in things “supernatural”. For me, the jury is still out on much of it. SO, I invited BDK onto the show to have such a discussion. BDK is what he terms a Classical Pentecostal, and I would describe much of what came out here as an apologetic for that Biblical view. As a matter of fact, I learned a few things as well, such as the fact that they do not believe speaking in tongues is required as proof of salvation. There’s much more that he shared, he certainly goes beyond the apologetic, and makes many good points that I think many need to hear!

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