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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to offer a bit of an explanation here as to both why we have been away so long, and also the recent flood of episodes.
Me and Kelli both have had much going on the past few months. Kelli started a new job, after a long period of being out of work due to health problems.
So, it has been a challenge for her, one which she has risen to and done very well at, I’m quite proud of her! As for her health problems, some remain, and
there is one that has reappeared, which while discouraging, is something we are dealing with. She is due to have a procedure done one week from tomorrow,
so prayers are certainly appreciated!
One consequence of her job is that we work opposing schedules, so we see little of each other these days, usually when she gets home I’m on the verge of passing
out, as its late and my alarm starts nagging me at 4:00am! This is one of the reasons we have not done the main show is so very long.

As for me, I have had my own challenges, and I want to be transparent here about some of them. Work has been very busy, and my daily commute is very draining. By the time I get home and get things done around here, spend time with my dogs, eat, etc, I have found it hard to find the time and space to record anything.
Secondly, I have had a decided lack of inspiration as far as show ideas are concerned. There are so many things I could talk about, but honestly much of that would be based upon old knowledge so to speak, as I don’t have much if any time to research, and I refuse to babble and rant on subjects, merely spouting opinions rather than offering facts and evidence. After all, there are hundreds of folks like that on Youtube if that’s good enough for you, it’s certainly not for me!
Finally, I gave been fighting my own inward battles, both with the past and present, and so there have been things I have needed to sort out and come to terms with.
And part of that demands that I spend time in the Bible and praying, which I have not been doing the best job at in recent months. And for me, that screams to me that I should
not be producing anything focused on the Word if I’m not spending time there myself, for me that is both hypocritical and unacceptable.

But as of yesterday, we both have felt moved to get back to things, to try and do what we feel led and inspired to do. As you may have noticed, I did record and post a new show yesterday. And as I mentioned in that show, there hopefully maybe another coming by the end of the week. My hope moving forward is that I can find more guests to come on, to in the very least fill in the gaps that my research (or lack thereof!) leaves open. Also, to try and facilitate my getting more content out, I am pushing myself to let go of editing very much after recording, save for any critical mistakes. Editing takes a very long amount of time, and it has seriously gotten in the way of me even beginning to produce anything. For a show that is 1 hour long it on average takes at least 2 hours to edit. Add to that the time to process the files and post them here and on Youtube, then I’m looking at 4 hours to get something out there.
So, hopefully I can get a bit away from my perfectionism and keep the editing to a minimum, and keep the episodes flowing!

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